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Welcome! My name's André Abreu, I'm the CEO and Bartender, passionately, I created this company which already scores 5 years of experience. Looking towards the future, with our feet grounded in the present, this company follows an ecological matrix. We avoid plastic waste, therefor, being an environmentally friendly company and 100% Vegan. That way, we positively affect our guest health and protect the environment.  Our mission is to guarantee a superb and unforgettable service, to all our clients and guests. Embed in our service is an art known as Flair, in which through mastering acrobatics with our bar equipment (bottles, shakers, spoons, napkins...) amusement is guaranteed! Our cocktails stand out for their quality, which comes from our deep and vast knowledge in mixology. Our cocktails reward past, present and future timelines, because we mix classic, contemporary and also we are able to create, a specially designed cocktail for you and your party, according to your taste. We are truly confident you won't be sour-faced while enjoying our cocktails.

Currently, not having a fixed establishment, we provide our services from north to south of continental Portugal and Islands, and also internationally. We guarantee amusement with our Skills and Humor, won't matter if it's a Big Fair, anniversaries, festivals, bachelor parties, weddings or any other kind of private party. We adjust our service accordingly with each scenario or party theme. Our goal is to guarantee you and your guests, an excellent and professional service.
Our service is also available for third-party pubs, bars or discos. Have you ever imagined a Bartender putting up a show while selling cocktails to promote the growth of your business? It's 2 in 1!

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Warehouse | Beco Casal das Figueiras Nº1, Casa Velha 3130-509 - Soure - Coimbra - Portugal
+351 960000000